A New Seaweed Compound Carrageenan Used As Thickener In Toothpaste!

Carrageenan is a chemical compound extracted from Red Seaweed (a Marine Living Algae) named Chondrus crispus. Marine algae produce this compound naturally in their regular metabolism. Extracting this compound is not so difficult andCarrageenan focusing on its role of being used as thickener in toothpaste making makes its more viable compound in industry. It occurs in the organism as its original form and no processing is required to use it after extraction. Though toothpaste industries can make use of other alternatives as thickeners, this compound serves as best due to its mild taste and odor and safety as well. A misunderstanding prevails with Carrageenan and Poligeenan (which is a derivative of this primary compound). Poligeenan is not so good as thickener as it is a degraded form of Carrageenan, which is highly used in non-food industries. Some industries try using both of these compounds together, which never served best as combo. Poligeenan is good to be used by non-food industries while the former one can be used in food industries as thickener. Since both of these chemicals have got similar names, a common misunderstanding happens between these two and many people are worried about safety of consuming this primary compound. Well, there needs no such worries as it is highly safe to consume since the whole algae itself is edible in nature.

Most countries eat marine algae and dishes made with them. This compound is also used as stabilizing chemical in various food products like frozen yogurt, ice creams with remarkably low fat, etc. Most of toothpaste making industries and food industries turn their focus towards marine sources as they are more abundant in nature and extraction of chemicals from them is also quite easy. Overall, Carrageenan is a good compound to be consumed and its highly safe to consume.